The new Apple Watch model may come up with a glucose or blood glucose monitoring feature.

It turns out that the new Apple Watch model may come with glucose or blood glucose monitoring technology. A SEC file reveals that a UK-based startup with Apple is focusing on this technology, and that this new feature could become part of the wearable device in 2022.

In the SEC application, it is not explicitly mentioned that an Apple Watch model coming in 2022 will have direct glucose monitoring capability. On the other hand, it is predicted that the British startup Rockley Photonics’ connection with Apple could mean something important could happen next year. Let’s also note that Rockley Photonics specializes in designing sensors to monitor a person’s glucose level using infrared light.

Additional information regarding the company’s relationship with Apple was also revealed by The Telegraph when Rockley Photonics realized it was planning to go public in New York. Apparently, Apple is one of Rockley Photonics’ two customers that make up 100 percent of its revenue in 2020. It is not known whether Apple is the biggest or the second largest customer.

It was previously claimed that the Apple Watch Series 7 will have this feature, but rumors suggest that this smartwatch will be released this year, not 2022. Assuming that Apple does not plan to introduce a new smartwatch in the coming months of 2021, we can assume that for 2022 Apple Watch Series 7 will support blood glucose monitoring in addition to ECG support and an oximeter.

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