Ross Ulbricht, the founder of Silk Road, the dark web platform and arrested by the FBI, is still not cut off from Bitcoin (BTC) and the cryptocurrency industry. Many people think that using BTC for the exchange of illegal products on Silk Road is actually one of the factors that make cryptocurrencies known so much.

Ross Ulbricht: Bitcoin could be $ 333 million in the long run
This makes the founder Ross Ulbricht still known as an important person in the industry. Ulbricht stated that BTC would fall to $ 1,200 months ago and entered the last phase of the bear market, but now it has undergone an incredible change in its forecast.

Ulbricht, in his last estimate he shared from both Twitter and Medium accounts, emphasized that BTC could rise up to a unit price of $ 333 million in the long term. In fact, this even exceeded the $ 1 million estimate that John McAfee made. Although McAfee later stated that he came back from this prediction, Ulbricht seems to be quite insistent in his prediction with both the Elliot Wave theory-based graphic he drew and his explanation.


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