Apple has been faced with a new lawsuit by the California Northern District District Court. The reason is the gain from illegal gambling. According to AppleInsider’s information today, the developer named Scribd offers free casino apps to users by purchasing in-game currency for a fee.



These apps give users Las Vegas style gambling experience with slot machines. The chips earned can only be used in virtual slot machines. 30% of in-app purchases, including casino chips, go to Apple. Thereupon, a complaint was filed to the District Court that Apple provided mutual benefits to casinos.

It is alleged that Apple helps casino applications through the AppStore. Application developers are also told that data about users are transferred through in-app purchases. It is also claimed that the company’s earnings from this business are much higher than in real life. It also poses a danger that this move may make consumers dependent on casino practices.

According to the complaint, users have spent $ 6 billion on casino chips so far. Thus, the California law banning casino machines was also violated. In addition, extortion and illegal debt collection are among the complaints.

Plaintiffs Donald Nelson and Chere Bibbs state that users spend an average of at least $ 15,000 each on these apps. They want this to be seen as unlawful and compensated. They also want Apple to give up its unfair earnings. Let’s see who will be the winner of this case.

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Editor’s Comment:

If you say, will Apple be held responsible for this work? We do not think so, but the operation of this application in locations where gambling is prohibited can be seen as a crime. The outcome of this case could set a serious precedent. We will continue to share with you as long as the developments develop …


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