Oppo launched the Ace 2 last April. Launched with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 processor, the device is currently facing low battery performance claims. Supporting 40W fast charging, Oppo Ace 2 battery usage time is shorter due to fast charging!

Oppo Ace 2 battery usage time is shortened with fast charging!
While many phone manufacturers continue to develop fast charging technologies, different claims are made about this technology. Ace 2, the new smartphone introduced by Oppo in April, came to the fore with fast charging technology. Today, it is claimed that fast charging reduces battery efficiency.

Standing out with its 565 dollar price tag, design and performance, Ace 2 faces bad reviews on battery performance. The Ace 2 had a 4000mAh battery that supports 65W fast wired charging and 40W wireless charging. Expectations from this battery have been quite high since the day it first came out. But it was claimed that fast charging support dropped 60 to 70 percent in battery efficiency.

In the past weeks, Oppo also made an official statement regarding this issue. It confirmed that the 40W fast charging technology wears a battery by 70 percent compared to the 15W charging cycle. However, he also noted that this technology offers users a better usage experience despite reducing battery efficiency.

An official statement by Oppo has yet to come for new claims. However, in line with the claims, users were divided into two as defenders and non-defenders of fast charging technology. We will also see the results of fast charging claims that are not only valid for Oppo, with the tests to be done in a short time.


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