Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft’s technology billionaire, said that the starters of the new company should make some sacrifices in the early years. Stating that he did not believe in the weekends and holidays for some time, the business person thinks that his biggest mistake is not to install Android.

Technology billionaire Bill Gates, who turned the ‘American Dream’ into reality by working hard and using the resources he had, wasn’t always as rich as he is now. Despite being a child of a wealthy family, he is one of the richest names in the world. The company he founded is known as Microsoft, one of the few brands that direct technology.

Bill Gates worked every day, including weekends, to achieve all this, and had no holidays during the company’s early years. The technology billionaire, who chatted with Eventbrite co-founder and CEO Julia Hartz in an event last week, attended by other famous business people, sees all these as just a few of the sacrifices that should be made when starting a company.

‘It’s true that I don’t believe in weekends, I didn’t believe in holidays’

Speaking about his work ethics in his 20s, Bill Gates says he once believed in weekends and holidays. Saying that he was a little relaxed when he was in his 30s but his previous sacrifices were still with him, Microsoft founder says, “I have a very hard view about the sacrifices that should be made in the early years,” he said.

Today, some people think that they can achieve success by working beyond their limits and beyond their limits. At this point, Gates underlines that people can get caught up in the idea of ​​overworking, so they do not recommend it for everyone.

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Talking about the biggest mistake he made in his chat with Julia Hartz, Gates said that his biggest mistake was not to install Android. The famous business man stated that it was a $ 400 billion error to not compete with Apple’s iOS operating system.

Bill Gates is now the second richest person in the world. Gates owning 1% of Microsoft, which he founded in 1975, Gates’ personal wealth is worth approximately $ 107 billion.


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