Google has made the expected update for the Duo service, which it announced long ago and could not give up. Zoom application, which is not known in the video conferencing market, has achieved a great output these days when business meetings are being moved to homes.

In order not to fall behind in this market, Google chose to offer Meet for free for a while. Now he is preparing to raise the limit of 12 video calls for Duo, which is available to anyone with a Google account for free.

New video conferencing feature to become Zoom app rival from Duo
Duo already offers this feature for smartphones, tablets and iPad. With the new update, there will be both video conferencing feature for Chrome and 32 people will be interviewed.

It looks like Google has planned other updates for Duo. In this mode called family meeting, it is possible to make drawings and use Instagram-like filters. Google, which seems to be confronted with a fun interface, also keeps security in the foreground.

Interviews made especially in family mode can be viewed only by the members of the meeting you have defined as family. You will also need to log in with your Google account for the video conferencing feature, which will be upgraded to 32 people.

Google launched the family mode, thinking about mother’s day. Thus, it will be possible to use fun filters in grp calls. For video calling via Chrome, the update is expected in the next few weeks.

At the moment, it is not clear when the 32-person video conferencing feature will come to other platforms. However, Google seems to be making this update in a short time.


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