Thanks to the new auxiliary chip called Intel Visual Sensing Controller, visual data will be processed and the computer will be able to perform different functions.

Today, there are a lot of sensors in our smartphones, tablets and wearables. In this way, movements, biometric data, training, environmental data, certain weather data, health data can be followed. On the PC side, this area is a bit limited.

Intel kicks off a new era
Intel announced in a statement that it designed a visual detection chip to adapt computers to the environment. Chip called Visual Sensing Controller; It will be located on the processor and will also ensure the protection of the collected data.

Although technical details are not given, it is understood that it will run artificial intelligence algorithms based on visual data. It will be able to perform operations such as the detection of ambient lighting, the detection of the user in front of the screen, or the detection of where his eyes are looking.

In fact, many manufacturers today can make the above-mentioned detections using input units such as cameras and microphones. Intel collects these works on a separate chip and takes the load from the processor. It also offers an extra method for data security.


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