Game Pass  News: Another of the benefits of the Game Pass


We know that the Game Pass catalog gives us access to old gems from studios like Bethesda, Rare, and Double Fine. If you are one of the subscribers to the Xbox service and you use it to play some of its hundreds of titles from yesteryear, perhaps you are contributing to a great cause.

According to Xbox President Phil Spencer, Game Pass subscribers spending hours enjoying some old franchises that the service offers could cause reboot ideas to start brewing. So we have to get to play more Grabbed by the Ghoulies to revive it.

More hours of old Xbox games, more possibility of reboots

These statements from Phil, he gave on the podcast, Kinda Funny Gamecast. Here, the Xbox director said that the Game Pass data on the popularity of old intellectual properties made it easier to give the green light to new projects within them. Like the Fable reboot being developed by the studio, Playground.

When further questioned about the role of Xbox Game Pass in rebooting, Phil said, ‘Take Prey, for example, a game that I think was amazing since it came out but many people overlooked. Seeing more people playing something like Prey or Dishonored or going back to Fable allows us, as a creative organization, to see what people are getting interested in, it gives us data on what we can take and take forward. ‘

He also added that Game Pass was a perfect platform for these, as the model allows games to be there for people to enjoy when they want. So it would not be necessary to buy the new title, but it would still be there if you are interested in knowing the continuation of Double Dragon, for example.

Are you telling me that I can relive my favorite saga?

If Xbox receives data that a large number of people are playing Conker: Live & Reloaded on Game Pass, surely the studio will entrust Rare, or perhaps someone else, with the creation of a new game in the franchise. This new installment would be in the service so that all interested can experience it, for a quantity much less than that of a new game.

Reboots of old video game sagas have proven not such a bad idea lately. Just look at the success of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro, whose revivals gave Activision so much money that they even gave us a quarter of Crash, which also generated very good numbers. Perhaps seeing this, Xbox is encouraged with something similar, especially if they already have the data of what interests the public.

Also, Phil Spencer seems to be a fan of reboots. Recall that when he was Microsoft’s head of games, he authorized the returns of Battletoads, Flight Simulator, and Perfect Dark. So tell your friends to start playing his favorite sleeper franchise. Perhaps, thanks to you, many will have the continuation of their favorite adventure, which they have been waiting for years.


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