According to information shared by a specialist from China, new coronavirus cases in Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces have increased incubation times and less symptoms such as high fever.

China, where COVID-19 started, had controlled the epidemic in the past months and started to return to their former lives in a controlled manner. A scary statement came from China, where coronavirus cases are beginning to emerge now. In the latest statement from the country, it was said that the incubation period was longer in the new COVID-19 cases.

A Chinese expert reported that coronavirus cases, which have recently re-emerged in the northeast of China, have followed a different course than the previous ones. Emergency medicine doctor Qui Haibo explained that COVID-19, which previously showed its symptoms with high fever, did not show this symptom in recent cases, but also damaged the lungs rather than multiple organs.

Incubation period of virus extended
One of the main reasons why COVID-19 infects so many people was the incubation period. “The incubation period of the virus in Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces takes longer than unlike the coronavirus emerging in Wuhan, China,” Haibo said in a recent statement. Indicating that the new type of coronavirus has an incubation period of 14 to 21 days, the Chinese doctor said that it is therefore very difficult to detect infected people before the virus has spread.

On the other hand, Hong Kong University professor Keiji Fukuda said, “Some changes in the genetic structure in theory can lead to changes in the nature of the virus or how it behaves. But many mutations do not cause noticeable changes, ”he said positively.

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If the world, which has not yet thrown the first wave of coronavirus over, encounters a new COVID-19 virus that comes from China and has a longer incubation period, we can have much more troubling days. Of course, the fact that countries and people are more experienced at this point will ensure that the measures are taken earlier.


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