With the restrictions brought by the Corona virus pandemic, ‘new normals’ have been added to our lives. For example, recent video calling apps are very popular. He started to use these applications frequently in both our business and private life. When this is the case, the meetings seem to be carried over into video calls. Taking a new step in meeting at Tinder, one of the popular dating apps. Tinder works for video dating feature.

Meeting method in Tinder is increasing
First quarter data of Tinder’s developer Match Group was recently announced. According to these data, it was announced that the number of first-time members decreased by 6 percent between February 2020 and March 2020, and this rate increased by 1 percent between March 2020 and April 2020.

Among the statements made, plans for the second quarter were also included. One of them is of course related to the users who stay at home. Accordingly, the video call will be added to the application as a meeting method in Tinder. Tinder will help people meet new people while protecting themselves from the epidemic with its video meeting feature. It is also known that Tinder is working on many new features on the new road map. However, this report has not provided more information about the new features for now.

Tinder will revise its priorities accordingly as the global situation regarding Corona virus can change at any time.


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