realme News: Chinese smartphone maker realme close may also revert to the ColorOS operating system for its smartphones. Here are the details.


The realme brand, which is the subject of our news with different developments, continues to introduce new phone models. The company, which was also on our news this morning, has decided to reduce its phone deliveries. Chinese companies such as Xiaomi, realme and OPPO, which are experiencing processor supply difficulties, are trying to ensure the continuity of production by reducing the shipping rates one by one. However, companies are trying some ways to solve the supply process. With the information coming today, it turned out that the company’s phone models can also return to the ColorOS operating system.

It seems that the company, which continues to bring different updates to its smartphone models, will soon return to the old operating system. Let’s remind for those who don’t know. The realme brand started to produce phones as a sub-brand of OPPO. The company, which is among the Chinese phone manufacturers, has come up with new details today.

realme Phones May Revert to ColorOS Operating System

As you know, the company launches its phones with its own UI user interface. With the details that emerged today, it turned out that the company can use the ColorOS operating system on phone models again. Introducing the Android 12-based UI 2.0 in September 2020, the company came up with ColorOS 12 today. Offering a survey to its users, the company asked if ColorOS 12 mi UI 2.0 was the problem in this survey. Most of the users surveyed preferred ColorOS 12. According to this survey, the company may return to ColorOS in the near future.


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