New details were shared about the Hibernate feature, which is expected to be available with Android 12.

If you remember, with the news we have recently published, we have stated that Google is working on the Hibernate feature that will make storage management easier with the Android 12 update. Today, with the shared information, new details about this feature discovered in the codes of Android AOSP have emerged.

In the report published on the subject recently, some details about how exactly this feature will work were shared. In the information provided by XDA Developers, it was stated that, thanks to this feature, applications that are not actively used will be detected and stopped. It was also said that the files of the stopped applications will be compressed to be ready for use. Thus, applications that are not actively used will be prevented from taking up extra space on the phone.

Hibernate Android 12

Today, with the information shared by Mishaal Rahman, some details of this feature, which is expected to be available on Android 12, have been revealed. According to Rahman, this feature will differ according to devices with multi-user support and devices used by a single user.

If the device to use the feature is used by a single user, the cache of the application to be compressed will be deleted directly. However, this will not be the case for devices with multiple users.

For now, it remains unknown exactly how this feature will work. However, it is certain that this feature will be available with Android 12 Developer Preview.

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