Skins, loading screens, emotes, emojis and many other things that you can get through the virtual concert

On April 20, we confirmed Travis Scott’s ASTRONOMICAL tour in one of the most famous video games of recent times, Fortnite Battle Royal and with it, one of the most ambitious collaborations on content issues within the game and the event.

2 Skins were confirmed for the game, which are the same rapper Travis Scott and a representation of his album “ASTROWORLD” in the form of Skin, which has a crystal-shaped head with a face painted in the style of Cactus Jack.

By attending on the corresponding date (April 23 to 25) and completing the challenges that the event marks, we will get different loading screens and an emote with “Stargazing” in the background.

Parts of the concert, the entire stage and “tickets” to Travis’s head-shaped ASTROWORLD have been leaked, as well as several entry trailers for the event.

ASTRONOMICAL, the Fortnite x Travis Scott collaboration is from April 23 to 25.


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