A new report from videogameschronicle.com, “Horizon Zero Dawn 2” has appeared online, revealing a variety of details about the rumored PlayStation 4 exclusive. Chief among these details is that the game is even more ambitious than its 2017 predecessor. But maybe that shouldn’t come as a surprise.
Not only is it being developed with superior technology, but more resources are probably being invested. Before “Horizon Zero Dawn” arrived in 2017, it was a risky new IP with development issues.

After it hit, it became one of the best PlayStation franchises. It’s not only one of the best-selling PS4 exclusives, it’s also critically acclaimed.

This presumably has led to an increase in the budget, which explains why the game is “gigantic”. However, not only is the game reported to be bigger, it will allow for more exploration.

The report also mentions the cooperative, which would be a new addition. That said, it is noted that it is unclear whether this mode will be included in the campaign or if it would be offered as a separate mode.

At this time, Sony has not commented on this latest leak. Also “Horizon Zero Dawn 2” has not been announced or confirmed.


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