Galaxy A80  News: Smartphone leader Samsung has again released an update. The May 2021 security patch for the Galaxy A80 smartphone model has been released.


With our news today, Samsung released the June 2021 security patch for the Galaxy S21 series. The South Korean giant, which made a name for itself as the first company to release the June 2021 security patch, also maintains its leadership in the update area. The giant, which will also appear with foldable phone models towards the end of the year, will offer its users large screens and a high refresh rate. Continuing its updates since the beginning of 2021, the company also released the May 2021 security patch for the Galaxy A80.

The smartphone, which received the April 2021 patch last month, remains up to date. Towards the end of May, the phone, which received a new security patch, has gotten better.

Galaxy A80 Receives May 2021 Patch

Continuing to bring updates to its phones without saying new or old, Samsung is very popular with this aspect. The company, which is frequently included in our news due to its updates, continues its updates from where it left off. Focusing especially on security updates, the company is looking for ways to provide its users with a more stable experience. The new update, which comes with the A805FXXU6DUE2 version number, brings many improvements from both Google and Samsung. The file size of the update, which resolved a large number of errors, is unfortunately unknown. While the details of the update have not been announced yet, it is expected to be announced in the coming days.


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