Ripple is sending partially redacted documents after receiving the approved privacy act.


What happened?

After meeting with SEC lawyers on April 1 to discuss Ripple’s request to keep its documents out of the public eye, Ripple Labs received approval to partially issue its documents containing proprietary commercial information, and an agreement was reached with the SEC.

Ripple has begun to submit partially revised documents to the court.

Attorney James K. Filan has released scanned copies of two documents submitted by Ripple Labs to Judge Sarah Netburn, which were redacted following the April 1 debate between Ripple and the SEC.

So far, two of the four documents have been agreed upon. They all relate to “discovery materials submitted to court in connection with discovery-related disputes.”

The SEC proposed a way to revise these two documents so that the confidential data Ripple did not want to make public remains sealed.

Ripple insists that the other two documents be fully sealed.

“After a meeting and conference on April 1, the parties agreed on two of the four documents in question, but failed to reach an agreement on the remaining two documents.”

James K. Filan commented:

“The editorials suggested by the SEC have been filed and remained under seals.”


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