Emerging as a trend and about called not safe, Clubhouse has been downloaded over 8 million times in the App Store. It was dangerous.


New developments are continuing on the Clubhouse front, which is expected to dethrone Instagram and was on the agenda weeks ago. Social media, which accepted membership with an invitation requirement, came to the agenda weeks ago with news that it was not safe. It is known that the channel reaches millions of users while people are continuing to search for what this Clubhouse is. The channel that can only be subscribed by invitation was launched as a voice chat social network. While the channel on the App Store for the iOS platform is not yet on the Android platform, it is expected to arrive soon.

The application, which was published free of charge on the App Store for the iOS platform, attracted our attention weeks ago and became the subject of our news. The new channel, which is expected to take Instagram from its throne, continues to gain users rapidly both in our country and in other parts of the world. While most of the YouTubers in our country continue to move to this channel today, striking details continue to emerge.


Over 8 Million Downloads in the Clubhouse App Store

Yes, if you read the subheading, it’s true, the mentioned voice chat platform has surpassed 8 million downloads on the App Store the other day. Well, it was not safe, if not, we wonder why this application is still being used by millions of users. In addition, it should be noted that the platform is increasing its audience every day. The application, which has achieved such success only on the iOS platform, can also achieve a faster acceleration with the Android platform. The voice chat channel, which has features similar to Twitter and Facebook, has achieved great success by increasing the number of users by one hundred percent with its performance in the last 16 days.


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