iPhone 13  News: The highly anticipated iPhone 13 comes to the fore with new developments. The new phone series will surprise with its storage space as well as its design.


Nowadays, the world of smartphones is holding its breath, and news comes from new phones. Developments are also happening as the Samsung company is currently preparing to launch new phone models in India. The company, which has been continuing its updates since the first day of June, is constantly facing its closest rival. Apple, the smartphone manufacturer, which will introduce MacBook Pro models in the next year, has once again been the subject of our news with its new phone series. The iPhone 13 series may have Pro and Pro Max models with up to 1TB of internal storage.

Apple, which will mark 2021 with its new phone series, continues to work. The company, which will present the new phone series in a different design and heavier size compared to the previous series, will also revolutionize the storage area.

iPhone 13 May Have Pro And Pro Max Models With 1 TB of Storage

According to the information we have received, the new phone series will revolutionize the storage space. The issue, which was brought up in March before, seems to have become clear today. According to the developments, the new phone series may have Pro and Pro Max models with 1 TB of storage. The company, which will also introduce a new format that combines RAW images, will present ProRAW files 10 to 12 times larger than typical HEIF or JPEG files.


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