“New Secret Royal Inspector” or also known as “Blade of the Phantom Master”, will be a story that takes place during the Joseon era and will focus on some secret royal inspectors appointed by the king to control corruption among his officers.

Inspectors hide their identities while traveling through the provinces to report on the problems that plague Korean citizens

L is currently on the small screen as the male protagonist of the new drama, ‘Secret Royal Inspector’ by KBS2. The drama premiered on December 21, and during the second episode that aired on December 22, L surprised viewers with a shocking bathroom scene and NO SHIRT!

Literally, we are all when we see this beautiful scene within the drama, and we are grateful to what is above for giving us such a sensual scene.

And believe me, we are not the only ones, both SPIRIT and those of us who are not fans of the kpop group reacted in an incredible way.


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