A security researcher discovered a new bug in Windows 10. A command prompt or a code entered in the browser’s address line causes the operating system to give a blue screen.

The number of critical errors in Windows 10 is increasing day by day. A security vulnerability was recently discovered in the operating system that could allow NTFS file systems to be disabled. Now it turns out that Windows 10 can be crashed with a single command.

Security researcher Jonas Lykkegaard found a bug that caused the operating system to crash instantly. If you enter the following line in the command prompt or in the address bar of the internet browser, the system gives a blue screen (BSOD). Of course, we DO NOT RECOMMEND that you try:

Why does the error occur?
According to Jonas Lykkegaard, the code entered prompts the browser to view the computer’s internal file system instead of opening a web page. As a result of this manipulation, the user’s computer freezes with a blue screen error.

This vulnerability in Windows 10 can be used by hackers to remotely disable the victim’s computer. Micorosoft announced that it is researching the issue and will release updates for the affected devices as soon as possible.


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