If there is a series or movie that you no longer want to watch, you can now remove it from the Netflix app.

Netflix’s huge catalog of series, movies, documentaries and specials offers us a lot to choose from. But sometimes it happens that you start to see a film and it does not attract you too much and you remove it; or a series in which you lose interest. What about those contents? That you stay in a special section of the platform called ‘Keep watching’, a kind of reminder every time you open the service that you have things that you started to see and did not finish.

Delete Netflix content keep watching

And finally, after a long time from the fans, Netflix has added a function to its mobile version that will allow you to do the same: delete something you started to see and did not finish, be it a movie or documentary or a series of the one you saw 1-2 chapters. For it:

  • Open the Netflix app
  • Go to continue watching
  • Click on the content you want to stop viewing to open the drop-down menu
  • Among the Information, Download, etc. options you will see a new call ‘Delete from Row’ – a literal translation of the original English.
  • Press it and you will remove the content from Keep Watching.

Available from today on the Android Netflix app, this function is going to beg a little for iPhone / iPad, since it will not come to iOS until next week, on June 29 exactly. What is not known is when it will be available for other versions of Netflix, such as the app for Smart TVs.


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