The new features that Google will introduce with Android 12 are detailed. Some details have emerged about the new features that will be included in the next version of the mobile operating system.

The first beta version of Android 12 will be released in a very short time. Google plans to roll out the new mobile operating system in the second half of this year.

Screenshots of Android 12 have appeared recently. This time, some important details about the new features it will bring with it have been leaked.

Game Mode
Android 12 will include a Game Mode named GameManager. This mod is not expected to be intended to improve performance. It will only lay the groundwork for a smooth gaming experience.

Game Mode will reduce memory usage by closing all running applications. It will also enable your smartphone’s Do Not Disturb mode, and it won’t let notifications interrupt the gaming experience.

Intelligent Auto Rotation
Android has been supporting auto-rotate screen for years. However, until now it was only working on data from accelerometer and gyroscope sensors.

The front camera will now be used for this feature. The selfie camera will detect the position of the user’s head, allowing automatic rotation to work more smoothly.

Decrease Brightness Option
Google is preparing to introduce a feature called Reduce Brightness. There are not many details yet, but users will be able to quickly reduce the screen brightness to the level they predetermined thanks to this option to be added to the “Quick Settings” section.

That’s all we know about Android 12 right now. We will learn more about the next generation mobile operating system after Google releases its first developer preview.


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