Call of Duty Warzone was offered to users for free some time ago. Let’s say that many new record-breaking games are also liked by the players. As seen in a new Twitter post, Activision is making new plans on Call of Duty Warzone success. Within these plans, two new games from Activision may come up.

Two new game heralds from Activision
Activision Blizzard, the game company that signed the Call of Duty series, may launch a new premium version for Call of Duty with two new games to be included in its IP library later this year. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare appeared last year.

He shared the news with an image from the Gematsu Twitter account. As you know, the company recently announced that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is selling more than the entire series. Activision has announced that there will be two new games for consoles and PC-based games, as well as new mobile games planned to be released this year.

Apart from CoD, Activision Blizzard has achieved a successful momentum. Although it coincided with the Corona virus period, the company increased its sales due to the increase in the number of people playing and purchasing and spending. Compared to the same period last year, the company, which went on sale from $ 1.26 billion to $ 1.52 billion, is expecting a similar increase in the coming period.

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Let’s come to what is said and expected. First of all, almost all of the Call of Duty series are really successful. Modern Warfare, which is considered as one of the newest members of the game series, which has received full marks by gamers, has increased the interest in the series. Therefore, a premium version of the game is expected to arrive. There are also rumors that the Black Ops series may come across again.

In addition to many positive developments experienced by PC and console, there was not much attack on the mobile side. Call of Duty: Mobile achieved the expected success, but there was no mobile game to complement it or support it. According to what is said, there will be new alternatives on the mobile side.


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