Xbox Game Pass continues its May updates. Explaining the names and dates of new games to be added to the platform before the end of the month, the company also announced the removed games.

Xbox Game Pass gets new games for the rest of May. Most of the new games will be playable on both Xbox One and computers. In addition to games added earlier this month, such as Red Dead Redemption and Final Fantasy 9, four more games will be available to users over the next few weeks.

One of the games is Minecraft Dungeons, one of the popular games of Mojang Studios. The game takes familiar elements of Minecraft like Creepers and fits them into a dungeon adventure with up to four players. You can also get Remedy’s classic game Alan Wake and the city planning game Sim Cities: Skylines. Each of the games will be available on Xbox One and computer versions with access to Xbox Game Pass. Computer users will also have access to the Plebby Quest: The Crusades game.

Some games are also removed from the platform:
It was also announced that Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Old Man’s Journey will be removed from both Xbox One and the computer version on May 29. Since the release of Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft has been following a fairly consistent strategy in this area.

The service is currently available for 14.99 TL per month via computer, and 29.99 TL per month via Xbox consoles. The price of the Ultimate package, which combines these two packages, is 44.99 TL. This package also add that the first month of the special charge is 5.90 per Turkey.

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New games and dates coming to Xbox Game Pass:
Alan Wake / May 21 (Xbox One, PC)
Cities: Skylines / May 21 (Xbox One, PC)
Minecraft Dungeons / May 26 (Xbox One, PC)
Plebby Quest: The Crusades (PC)

Games to be removed from Xbox Game Pass on May 29:
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Xbox One, PC)
Hydro Thunder Hurricane (Xbox One, PC)
Old Man’s Journey (Xbox One, PC)
#IDARB (Xbox One)
King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate (Xbox One)
Opus Magnum (PC)
Stealth Inc 2 (PC)


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