There are now a few days left for the Xiaomi Mi 11 series that we have been waiting for with curiosity. These phones, which will be introduced in the evening on Monday, will finally meet those who wait before the end of the year. After Xiaomi announced the launch date, the news about the Mi 11 started to increase its frequency. While the company is publishing teasers on the one hand, we come across information leaked from various sources on the other hand. Now, a new teaser of Mi 11 has been shared. Although the company did not make any statement in this teaser it shared, users understood very well what Xiaomi meant. Because we saw a similar example in the Mi 10 series …


Xiaomi has released another secret teaser for Mi 11.

Le Jun, who constantly shares about the Xiaomi Mi 11, released another secret teaser for the Mi 11 two days before the launch. This teaser shared by Le Jun includes an audio video. Let us remind you that the video shared before is also about night shooting.

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Only smartphone users with stereo speakers can understand this video shared by Le Jun. If your phones have stereo speaker support, turn on the video and turn your device horizontally. Then you will understand the sound in the video. A voice drifting from left to right …

We think everyone understands Xiaomi’s purpose in this video. As you can guess, the company here states that the Mi 11 will have a stereo sound system. This eliminates one more question mark in the minds of those who wait for the device. As you remember, Xiaomi included stereo speakers in the Mi 10 series. In fact, the Mi 10 Pro model was at the top of DxOMark with its successful speaker. Now, we hope to see the same success in the Mi 11 series. Because the Chinese manufacturer has now begun to anticipate long ago that it will peak in some things. We think the same about the camera issue. Because the 108-megapixel lens that Chinese Xiaomi will include in the Mi 11 will definitely play to the summit again. However, we would like to state that Huawei is also very experienced in this field. Maybe he can break the record of Mi 11 with the P50 series. Anyway, let’s put these aside for now and hold our breath for the launch day. Let’s see what surprises Xiaomi will make us….


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