Google officially unveiled this Thursday (7) a new application that can help in early childhood education in times of pandemic of the new coronavirus. This is Read Along, a service for Android that brings a load of fun for learning to read.

Basically, the platform is an accompaniment for children who are learning to read aloud, offering assistance in difficult words and bringing elements of games to their homework. There are several forms of use, from simple narratives to spelling exercises.

The service was available in the testing phase only in India for now, but the company has accelerated early access around the world, as face-to-face classes are suspended in much of the planet. Portuguese is one of the languages ​​supported by the application, already available for free on the Google Play Store.

Read Along works offline and has no ads or microtransactions. It also does not ask for personal data from the user and does not send consumption information to external servers – the most it does is to analyze audios sent in real time during the tasks, but it does all this locally, without storing the files.


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