XDA Developers shared some features of Android 12 with users.A new report on Android 12 features has been released.

Some important features of Android 12, which is expected to release the first developer preview version in a short time, were shared by the XDA Developers team.

If you remember, with the report published earlier today, it was claimed that Android 12 will come with the code name Snow Cone. After this detail, some features of the new Android version have now been leaked.

According to the information shared by XDA Developers, we see that the new Android version will come with features such as built-in game mode, bright color reduction and smart auto rotation. It is not known whether these features, which are expected to become official at the Google I / O 2021 event to be held next March, will be included in the stable version of Android 12 for now. So, what will these features offer users? Let’s take a closer look.

Game Mode
As you know, many smartphone manufacturers have developed game modes specifically for their interfaces. However, according to the latest shared reports, we see that this feature will be built in Google’s new Android version. No detailed information has been shared about this feature for now. However, in the reports published on the subject, it is said that thanks to this mode, the games will run more stably.

In addition, it is among the shared information that when this feature is active, unnecessary applications running in the background will be put into sleep mode throughout the game. It is stated that this feature, which is stated to be offered as an API, will also be included in Google Pixel models in the first place.

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Intelligent Auto Rotation
Another new feature that is said to come with Android 12 is Smart Auto Rotation. According to information shared by XDA Developers, this feature will use the data of accelerometer and gyroscope sensors on smartphones. In addition, this feature, which will also use the front camera, will detect the user’s head position and automatically rotate the screen.

Reduce Bright Colors
With this feature, which appears as an accessibility feature, Google plans to offer a more comfortable smartphone experience to users with eye disorders.

One-Handed Mode
Another feature expected to be available with the stable version of Android 12 is One Hand Mode. With this feature, Google aims to make the phones more comfortable to use with one hand.

For now, it is not known exactly how the company will integrate this feature into Android 12. However, in the coming days, the company is expected to share more details about the new version with users.


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