A source close to Apple shared very important details about the 2021 model Macbook Pro. According to the information reported, the new laptops will come with the ARM-based M1X chipset.

A reputable source close to Apple announced that the next-generation MacBook Pro will come with an ARM-based M1X chipset. The Cupertino company will also eliminate the MacBook Pro text under the screen in order to thin the bezels.

It is said that the M1X will not contain radical changes, but rather as an improved version of the M1. As the number of CPU and GPU cores increases, it will offer more Thunderbolt channels and support for multiple external monitors. All this will not only improve the performance of this chipset, but also increase its power consumption.

What is known about the 2021 MacBook Pros

The next generation MacBook Pros are expected to feature a 1080p webcam, SD card slot, three USB Type-C ports with Thunderbolt, MagSafe charging connector and HDMI port.

As we mentioned at the beginning, there will be no MacBook Pro text under the screen of the laptop computers. It is stated that Apple will make such a change to make the frames thinner. It is unclear when the new MacBook Pros will be introduced. The company may announce the laptops at WWDC 2021 event on June 7.


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