A strange problem arose with iPhones and iPads syncing with new Macs with an Apple M1 processor. Users cannot run third party apps on their devices.

Some iPhone owners who synchronize their devices with new Macs with Apple M1 processors are starting to have a strange problem. Users say they can’t run third party apps on their smartphones.

It is stated that all applications that did not come pre-installed crash immediately after launch. In other words, it has become impossible to use third-party applications on iPhones and iPads for users who have problems.

No apps are downloaded from the App Store either
The first complaints about this issue came in December 2020, one month after the release of new Macs with Apple Silicon processors. According to users, the problem starts after syncing iPhone or iPad with computer using Finder.

Shutting down apps isn’t the only problem for device owners. They can’t even download new apps from the App Store. Apple has not yet made an official statement on the issue. Most likely the company will fix this annoying problem in the coming days.


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