The new nano-lens technology seems to replace smartphone cameras. In modern smartphones, the most camera features are highlighted to attract the attention of customers. Especially recently, we see that there is a race to add almost multiple cameras to the devices.

Triple cameras have become a must for flagship products. We even see that quad and quad systems are tested. In these camera systems, multiple lenses are used for quality images. However, the new technology developed can shelve multiple lenses.

New nano lens technology
Utah University has developed a flat nano lens that features the normal lenses. Normal lenses reflected light from a curved surface to the focus point to focus the light. Utah scientists have developed a nano-material to change the direction of light, which remains flat after reflecting light. The current prototype uses infrared rays.

With this technology, it will be possible to focus on more than one object at a time. Lens is now able to focus on objects that are 6 meters apart.

The researchers stated that they were trying to develop this invention to use it over longer distances.The prototype made achieved a depth of focus several times larger than the traditional lens with the same properties. If they succeed, we may be able to see thinner, lighter and cheaper smartphones.


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