OnePlus, one of today’s successful smartphone manufacturers, has been working on a new smartwatch for a long time while continuing to release updates one by one for their phone models. The new smart watch model, which was on our news last January, also received a new patent. OnePlus Watch, which was first brought to the agenda with various rumors and then officially confirmed, will appear with a circular dial. The smart watch, which is expected to appear as two different models, will have a structure that can compete with its competitors with both battery life and features.



It turned out that new patents were received for the OnePlus Watch, just like in January 2021. The design of the smart watch, which has been on the agenda for a long time, has been a matter of curiosity. Unfortunately, there was not much information about its design except for the circular dial. However, with the patent design that emerged today, we have reached some design information about the new smart watch.

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OnePlus Watch Design Revealed

As we mentioned in our previous news, the smart watch will come up with two different models. Two different models with different bands emerged with the leak in Germany. The smart watch drawings submitted to the German office for patents and registered brand names have revealed the new smart watch design.

When we looked at the design drawings, it turned out that the watches will have different bracelet models in addition to the circular dial. These bands will take their place in the market as standard and sporty bands. These cords, which are more like silicon, will be released to the market in a very robust structure with clamping mechanisms. The watches, which are expected to have sensors, will have two different buttons on their cases. The functionality of these buttons is not yet known.


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