The new OPPO A series will introduce 5G technology, larger batteries and 90Hz screens with its new phones.


The launch of 346 million smartphones in the first quarter of 2021 once again reveals the place and importance of smartphones in our lives. While the information that brand new smartphones will be announced from all over the world continues to come, today the launch date of the Redmi Note 10S smartphone model has been announced. The Redmi Note 10S, which will be launched on YouTube on May 13, will look for ways to reach millions like the company’s other phones. While the Redmi brand is on the offensive, it seems that the OPPO brand will not stop. Today, it is clear which structure we will encounter with the new OPPO A series.

OPPO, which also sells phones in our country, has a very good audience. The phone brand, which has become the favorite of millions both in the world and in our country, will continue to introduce brand new smart phones in the coming period. The company will soon be announcing a new A series. Some details of the new phone series have emerged today.

New OPPO A Series Will Introduce 5G Technology

The smartphone manufacturer, which introduced the A94 5G, A74 5G, A54 5G and A74 models in the past days, seems not to be empty in May. While the 90Hz OLED screens and fast charging feature of the mentioned phone models are common features, some of the plans of the company have also been more or less clear. According to the information we have obtained, the company’s new A series phone models will appear with larger batteries, 90Hz screens and 5G technology. The new A series, which will be mid-range phones, will be separated from its competitors in the market with these features.

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