This Thursday (04), Oppo announced some new products and the company also renewed its line of smart bracelets, presenting the Oppo Band, which brings a standard model, the Fashion model and the limited edition of the New Century Evangelion.

Oppo Band

The bracelet brings a box with a traditional design, and the Fashion model has a metal ring around it, which allows greater flexibility of the straps around the wrist. The screen is colored, made in high quality AMOLED, 1.1 inch.

There are 160 styles of dials available immediately, so that users can switch according to users’ needs and preferences.

The Oppo Band is a bracelet extremely focused on health. It provides continuous monitoring of blood oxygenation, which allows checking the oxygen saturation of the blood, even during sleep. There are 28,800 monitoring sessions in eight hours of sleep, one every second. This feature allows users to have more efficient reports on the quality of their sleep.

There is also the monitoring of heartbeats in real time and for 24 hours a day, which works in conjunction with a vibrating system that alerts users to abrupt variations in beats, either up or down. The feature can help them avoid surprises due to poor health, as well as abuse in exercise.

In addition, there are modes that monitor physical activity. There are 12 modes in total, that is, 12 possibilities of training reports, one for each sport. Speaking of sports, swimming is included, since Oppo Band is waterproof (up to 50 meters).

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Other basic features are also present, such as smartphone music control, receiving notifications from social networking applications, SMS and missed calls, in addition to the locator, which allows you to easily find the smartband.

The battery has autonomy for up to 14 days and can be fully recharged in an hour and a half.

Pricing and availability

The standard version has bracelets in black and purple, costs US $ 28 (R $ 134), and is already on sale in China. The Fashion version has bracelets in black and gold colors and costs US $ 35 (R $ 174). The Evangelion Edition has black and red details and costs US $ 42 (R $ 208.45). The latter will only be available in stores from July.


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