Trusted sources state that the new PUBG game may be released for PC and consoles later this year.

PUBG, one of the remarkable productions of the game industry, is still being played by millions of players. The production, which has managed to maintain its popularity since the day it was launched, as you know, has been coming up with sequels frequently lately. While these allegations excited the fans of the game, with the report shared today, it was said that the new PUBG game could be released for PC and consoles towards the end of 2021. At the same time, it was also stated in the same report that a new version of PUBG Mobile could be transmitted to players this year.

While all these allegations continue to circulate, it is among the shared information that PUBG Corp will also offer Krafton to the public. In the statements made on the subject, it is stated that PUBG Corp will offer 27.2 billion dollars of Krafton shares to the public. Thus, the company, which plans to make more money than the PUBG name, also aims to maximize the interest of the players with sequel games.

As you know, PUBG Corp announced The Callisto Protocol game set in the PUBG universe during The Game Awards. Set in the PUBG universe, this science fiction horror game has attracted the attention of PUBG fans.

Attracts attention with its player audience
In addition, it was stated in the statements made in the past months that the PC and console versions of PUBG sold a total of 70 million units. At the same time, PUBG Corp announced that the mobile version of the game was downloaded 600 million times through the App Store and Play Store stores, thus demonstrating that the players still love to play PUBG.


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