Bitcoin reached its all-time high of $ 50,001.35 a few days after it first hit $ 48,000.Bitcoin’s latest record follows corporate and corporate interest in leading cryptocurrency.

We can say that there has been a significant increase in interest by both corporate and retail. Last Monday, Tesla purchased $ 1.5 billion of cryptocurrency, making a significant impact on the market. Similarly, last week, Twitter CFO said that the company is considering investing in Bitcoin, BNY Mellon, one of the long-established US institutions, announced cryptocurrency storage plans for its customers, and PayPal confirmed plans to add crypto to Venmo.

As a current development, MicroStrategy, a business intelligence firm known for the cryptocurrency it buys rather than its other products, plans to buy even more Bitcoins. The company plans to raise a total of $ 690 million with the sale of exchangeable bonds to qualified corporate buyers based on the 144A Rule of the 1933 Securities Act, subject to market conditions and other factors. It also plans to use the net income from the bond sale to earn additional Bitcoin. This is thought to have a significant effect on the current price increase.


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