The huge social media platform Facebook is coming to rival Zoom. As you know, many habits have changed due to the Corona virus. Working routines are also included in these changing habits. Together with Facebook Messenger Rooms, he wants to rival video conferencing applications such as Zoom.

Facebook Messenger Rooms will allow up to 50 conversations
In addition, video conferencing applications entered our lives in a very short time. Many people make their job interviews through these applications, while others do their conversations with their friends. The freedom that it offers among these applications gets Zoom with the width of the area.

Zoom users offer a really comfortable use in terms of video and voice speech. For this reason, it increased the number of users in an incredible way in a short time like two months.

Naturally, applications that provide similar services want to take advantage of this “user explosion” by developing themselves. We recently shared with you that WhatsApp will increase the video chat user from 4 to 8.

Here’s a similar move came by Facebook. It aims to create an important alternative to Zoom with its application called Facebook Messenger Rooms. Focusing on group video conferencing, these Facebook Messenger Rooms are ambitious.

The application, which does not require any Facebook account, is in the form of a chat room where crowded meetings such as maximum 50 people can participate. People using the application in question can add their friends from their Facebook accounts instead of inviting them individually.

Unlike the Messenger application, the application, which does not require the Facebook account, is said to have passed security tests. Apart from that, the application also has Zoom-like features. For example, it offers 14 new camera filters for those who are bored with plain backgrounds or want to add color filters to their video. Besides that, as a better feature than Zoom, it allows you to have chats with no time limit.

You know, there is a timer that counts down over Zoom, and if the chat is getting longer and there’s no time left, you have to open a new chat. Facebook did not add this timing event to its application to prevent this. Facebook Messenger Rooms is said to be available to users in the coming weeks.


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