Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse hopes to meet with the new SEC leadership. Blockchain company Ripple is placing its hopes on crypto enthusiast MIT professor Gary Gensler, who is expected to be appointed as the new chairman of the SEC later this month.



When asked in a recent Bloomberg interview whether a deal was possible, CEO Brad Garlinghouse said he hoped to “reconsider” such conversations with a new management:

Hopefully, when a new administration comes to the SEC, there will be an opportunity to reconsider some of these conversations.


Ripple is ready to fight “violence”

Garlinghouse continues to argue that the lawsuit filed by former SEC chief Jay Clayton at the end of December has not made sense since XRP had been traded for eight years.

As the trial stretches into its fourth month, the executive, who has been involved as a defendant, along with Ripple’s co-founder Chris Larsen, says his company will fight “violently” with the case.

“Actually, we intend to combat it with violence. From our point of view, what is happening here is not just a lawsuit against Ripple. The lawsuit is completely against the crypto industry. “


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