Due to a change in the WhatsApp database, it was revealed that the invitation links of some special groups and user profiles were listed in Google searches.

After the news of compulsory personal data sharing with Facebook, WhatsApp, which was criticized, is now on the agenda with a new deficit. For some time now, private WhatsApp groups and user profile links have been browsing through Google searches.

WhatsApp is on the agenda again
WhatsApp was once again on the agenda because of the special group invitation links and user profiles that were accidentally scattered across Google searches. These links, which should not normally be indexed, were somehow attached to Google robots and transferred to the internet.

The Gadget 360 site, which reveals the subject, states that approximately 1500 special group invitation links can be found in Google searches. Some of these are adult groups, while others are standard groups.

In fact, Facebook noticed the issue in March and made it closed by adding the “noindex” tag to the invitation links. In this respect, it is estimated that a change in labeling caused re-indexing.

Another problem is that the user can access WhatsApp profile links using some dialing codes. For a while, it has been noticed that about 5000 profile links were listed. Again, in the last summer, it was revealed that the profiles were indexed by mistake and WhatsApp prevented this. However, it is stated that especially users who open their profile information to everyone are included in these listings.


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