The company, which has shared many camouflaged photos and teasers about its luxury electric car, has now shared a teaser focusing on the optional air filtration system.

German automotive giant Mercedes shared a new teaser about Mercedes EQS, one of the most important models in the family of electric vehicles named EQ. It seems that the air filtration system, which started to appear in many areas especially after the pandemic, will also be included in the EQS.

When we look at the new teaser released, we see that the general lines of the Mercedes EQS are similar to the concept. Since it is a 100 percent electric car, we see a large star emblem on the nose, which does not include shutters. LED daytime running lights, traditional side mirrors positioned on the door and fenders that appear wider than in the concept are among the design details of the EQS.

Let’s come to the main point underlined in this teaser about the Mercedes EQS. According to the statement, an air filtration system using a highly efficient particle filter will be offered as an option in the EQS. Taking advantage of the absence of an internal combustion engine block in the vehicle, the German manufacturer chose to position the system in this area. It is stated that the system, which is stated to have a volume of approximately 10 liters, provides “the highest air quality” in the cabin.

It is stated that the filtration system with HEPA technology prevents nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide, bad odors and dust particles from entering the cabin. Underlining that this is a very good system, Mercedes goes further and states that the air quality in the cabin will be comparable to the air quality in operating rooms. It is also stated that the system in question is the first automotive air filtration system to be certified according to DIN EN 1822.

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The German manufacturer is still very confident about the technical features of the Mercedes EQS, but we know that the car will offer a range of at least 700 kilometers according to the WLTP, within the scope of the previous statements. In addition, it is also known that the EQS will be the first model to be built on the company’s completely new electric vehicle architecture. The platform in question will constitute the infrastructure for four more models. The power output of the Mercedes EQS, which is expected to be available in different versions, is expected to range from 400 to 600 hp.


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