Twitter, which is one of the popular social media platforms, has begun to offer its users a new feature where it will be selected who can answer tweets. The feature currently available to a limited number of users will be available to all users later.

Unfortunately, sometimes insulting comments and answers can come on Twitter, which is one of the popular social media platforms. Today, when we think about how serious cyberbullying is a threat, the answers to the tweets thrown can reach dangerous levels.

Social media platforms, including Twitter, offer new features to its users to eliminate this suffering. Twitter is also starting to offer one of these features to its users.

Choose who can reply to your tweets
The social media giant is publishing its new feature that it has developed for its users who are bored with unwanted answers to their tweets. As of today, you can see who can respond to the tweets he has posted.

Those who can respond to your tweets are divided into three categories: everyone, the people you follow, the people you answer. When you choose one of these options, you will see the menu you see in the image above. Of these options, ‘everyone’ will be the default setting.

If one of the “followers” or “respondents” options is selected, this phrase will be indicated in gray under the tweet. So users can see if they can reply to this tweet. In her blog post, Twitter Product Management Director Suzanne Xie said that people who cannot respond to the tweet can view, retweet, retweet and like the tweets with the comment.

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Twitter said that currently a limited number of users will be able to see these options, but this feature will be available to everyone in the future. What do you think about this new feature of Twitter?


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