Nokia, which started to bleed rapidly after Google bought Android, has not been able to do much in the market today. The legendary brand using the Windows operating system on its smart phones was also taking our country by storm with the rugged phones it produced for a while. While the Nokia phones that almost every user have passed through are falling into oblivion, the company continues to release updates for its current phones. Security update for Nokia 8.1 has been released.



As you will remember, the famous brand previously released the February 2021 security patch for 5.3 and 2.2 phone models. The famous name, which closed the security gaps with this patch, continued to release this update for other phones before long. The update, which has a file size of approximately 6 MB, does not bring any changes to users, but also improves some stability.

The new update, offered only to the Egyptian market, is also available to Nokia 8.1 users. The update, which is expected to be accessible to other users in the following days, was presented to the users as the February 2021 security patch.

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Nokia 8.1 Update Details

It reveals this with the patch size that does not offer any changes and a new feature to the users. The update, which takes security to the next level, offers small notes that improve stability.

The device, which said hello to the market in 2018, appeared with two different models, 4GB and 6GB, as well as a 6.18-inch screen. These models, which also have 64GB and 128GB of storage, are powered by an 8-core processor-based Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 chipset. The device has a 12 MP + 13 MP dual camera on the back, and a 20 MP camera for selfie. The smartphone that comes with Android 9.0 also has a 3.500mAh battery.


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