The Instagram Small Support application, which was activated as of yesterday, started to serve in our country as well. This update concerns business owners. So what is the Instagram Small Support application?

What is the Instagram Small Support application and what does it do?
Justin Osofsky, Operations Director of the popular social media platform, talked about the new update. Stating that he thinks about tradesmen who have financial difficulties due to the Corona virus, Osofksy supports businesses.

Many businesses will now have their names in the Stories section. Thus, this feature, which will provide a free advertising service, will help business owners to recover because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Instagram, who made a statement from his official Twitter account, made the following words for this application: “We have published the“ Support Small Businesses ”label in the Stories section so that you can show your love to the small businesses you love today. Use this. Your photo or video will be in the story you shared and the name of the business you support will be visible to your other friends. ”

You will be able to support your favorite businesses with the label “Support Small Businesses”. Thus, a business will be able to announce its name more quickly. In addition, Facebook is also working to design a custom inbox service for businesses.

Giving very positive messages about this issue, Justin Osofsky announced that he wanted to do everything he could to support especially small businesses. Osofsky cares about communication between customers and businesses.

This innovation, which includes services such as donations, gift cards and orders besides voluntary advertising, will ensure that the communication between the business owner – the customer continues on an abstract and concrete basis. Thus, victimized businesses will be supported by millions of people.


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