This Sunday (19), a publication on Reddit in which a user reported difficulties while using the Mozilla browser gained visibility. In the post, he details that he used Mozilla Firefox v75.0 with disabled extensions and no open tabs. Even so, the user recorded a consumption of approximately 253 KB, while Chrome with active extensions and an open tab, consumed about 112 KB of RAM.

In a new comparison, he activated Firefox extensions and recorded a consumption of 500 MB, while Chrome under the same conditions varied between 300 MB and 350 MB.

In this specific case, the user used Ubuntu 19.10 to run both browsers. The publication had more than 170 comments, the majority of users who reported the same problems.

Mozilla Firefox vs. Google Chrome
Chrome has long been criticized for being the browser with the highest consumption of RAM. Knowing this, the comparison made earlier shows that Mozilla Firefox may be taking its place – and in the worst possible way.

To make the situation even more critical, Firefox even stops working on computers with less memory. In the face of so many complaints, developers are expected to fix this problem as soon as possible. After losing its place to Edge, Mozilla Firefox needs to remain competitive so as not to be left behind.


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