In the smart phone market, player phones have been popular for many years. Those who will remember, we know that these phones started with the Nokia N-Gage model introduced in 2003. Today, smartphones developed for gamers are at a completely different point. One of the most ambitious brands in this regard is Asus. New information has emerged about the ASUS ROG Phone 5, which we have been reporting for a while.



According to the information received today, it was officially leaked today that Asus will introduce the new generation player phone ROG Phone 5 with an event to be held in India in March. According to the information revealed in TENNA, the series will appear with 2 different models. We see that the models with model numbers ASUS_I005DA and ASUS_I005DB will have a 6.78-inch screen, 6,000 mAh dual cell battery and Android 11 operating system. Among these models, the ASUS_I005DA model will have a second screen at the back.


It is now certain that Asus is working on a more affordable product with model number ASUS_I005DB. This phone will not have a second screen on the back. This means the price will be much more affordable. So at least according to the dual screen model. The Snapdragon 888 chipset will be used in both phones. This is one of the finalized details. It is stated that the main camera will be 64 megapixels among the cameras placed horizontally at the back.

Turkey Asus obviously do not know that he did not have a team. Is this phone series is presented to the Turkey market? This is one of the unanswered questions. We hope we can use ROG Phone too …


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