Windows 10, which has been innovating in design in time, will present new application icons to users through the Insider program. Windows 10, which could not meet the desired design, was receiving complaints from users. The company, which wants to put the icons of basic Microsoft applications in a new design framework called fluent design, will gradually beat all of its applications. Along with the new Windows 10 icons, the entire interface will gain another experience.

New Windows 10 icons are being released gradually
In November 2019, we shared the details of the new design with you. In addition to many apps, the Windows 10 icon is also refreshing. Microsoft wants to create a more streamlined interface environment for its users with the new Windows 10 icons.

While more than a hundred icons were redesigned, some of them were displayed on Windows 10X. Alarms and Clock, Calculator, Movies and TV, Calendar, Groove Music, Mail and Voice Recorder are the first apps to meet new icons. Along with rounded corners and new color patterns, a general design approach is planned to be achieved.

The start menu will also be reorganized. Christina Koehn, Design Leader for Microsoft and Windows and Devices on the topic, said, “If the icons on the task manager and launch bar are different, there is a lot of conscious burden for the same app. In this case, the user gets more tired when using Windows 10. We needed to add more visual cues to the icon design language using our streamlined streamlined design language. ” He made a statement.

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There are also some rumors about a new Windows Update interface that provides more control over updates. However, there is no official statement about this innovation yet.


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