Microsoft is preparing a new Start menu for Windows 10, and has posted images of its new look on the Office 365 page on Facebook. The Start menu has always been a hallmark of the company’s operating system, going from being a mere application launcher on Windows 9X, the protagonist of the low acceptance of Windows 8.

During the time we spent in front of the PC, we used very little Start. But it is undeniable that a well-structured menu – with practical features, such as shortcuts to apps and most used folders, as well as quick search, among others – can make using the PC easier and more dynamic.

The new Start

The new Start menu will have a new color scheme. Unlike what we see today, “Live Tiles”, or dynamic blocks, will have a background color that will refer to the theme used in the system (light or dark). This change is part of the “Fluent Design” project, which Microsoft announced a few months ago, and which brings renewed icons, with a “raised” appearance.

This background color will also be applied to recent applications, which should give more harmony between the system theme and the menu.

At the moment, when the user turns off the live mode of the dynamic blocks, the background takes on a solid color. In the new Start, the background of the icon will assume a translucent appearance, based on the Windows 10 theme.

The company has not given any prediction as to when it will launch the new Start menu, but as the images are official, we hope the feature will be released soon.


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