According to the information provided by sources close to Microsoft, the company may meet users with the new Windows version soon.

As you know, Microsoft has been working on the Windows 10X operating system for a while. While users were curious about the new Windows version, an important report was published by sources close to Microsoft today. According to the published report, it was claimed that the software giant plans to market Windows 10X or its Sun Valley upgrade as the new Windows.

If you remember, Microsoft announced its update, codenamed Sun Valley, in October last year. But the company, which has not yet announced a clear date for this update, heralded that with the new version, there will be major changes, especially on the user interface.

While it is a question of when the new update will be released, today a new report has been published by WalkingCat, which is known for its accurate leaks on Microsoft. In this direction, we see that the software giant plans to launch the Sun Valley update in the next few months. At the same time, the source also states that the company may organize different Windows events in April and May, and suggests that a new Windows version may be announced at one of these events.

It should also be noted that there is no official statement on the subject from Microsoft for now. However, many sources close to the company say that the new version will be available in April at the earliest.


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