New World News: Amazon’s first MMORPG looks very promising


New World has been under the scrutiny of gamers for a few years, as this long-awaited game from Amazon Games Studio was announced in 2016.

We were originally told that this MMO would arrive in 2020, but they ended up delaying it for a year to make a few changes.

Fortunately, New World is getting closer to launch, and we recently got a chance to test an alpha version that gave us a glimpse of what we’ll see on August 31st.

A simple and intuitive start

During our test in the alpha version we had access to the first missions, which have the function of introducing you to the mechanics of the game.

Your first steps will teach you the basic movements and controls, but as you progress you will find more complex instructions.

The most important missions we tested were crafting, since New World not only lets you progress through combat. You can also do it by making things.

Here you can gather resources to create furniture, armor, weapons, decorations and even food for the adventurers, so mastering these areas will be of vital importance.

Each mission will show you the location of the important characters and will take you practically by the hand until you are an expert, so do not underestimate the information.

Progression focused on weapons, not classes

As with other MMORPGs, your first step will be to customize your adventurer, who has several options for hairstyle, clothing, tattoos, and even scars. Don’t worry, you can choose regardless of your gender to be similar to you.

Unlike other titles, your abilities will not be tied to a specific class, but to the weapons you wield. These will give you experience with the use and you can unlock talents from their own branch.

Each weapon has its own talent tree.

In our test we managed to obtain several of them, including a sword, a small ax, an ice glove, a bow and even a musket, all of which have their own functions.

Although you can change the weapon at will, it is advisable to specialize in one to maximize its development, and thus obtain its unique abilities.

The economy is an important part of the world

As we already mentioned, the creation of objects is a vital part of New World, especially when it comes to making money.

Developing a profession will allow you to put your creations up for sale, and prices can vary a lot, since the economy works thanks to the movements of the players.

You will be able to actively trade with other players.

You will have to be very skilled to master this function, but if you do it, it will not take long to make money.

PVP dominates the experience, but you can also play cooperatively

One of the things that draws the attention of New World is its focus on PVP, since globally events will occur that will change the world.

The most important is the ability to control areas of the map, giving the winner the ability to collect taxes and manage as many elements of the territory.


In our test we could not see this section in action, so we will have to wait a little longer to understand how it works.

New World will have several modes that allow you to face other players in epic battles or gather a group of adventurers to defeat powerful bosses.

Whatever your goal, you will find a place to enjoy the experience your way.

When can you play New World?

The release date is set for August 31, but the beta will begin on July 20, showing participants a bit of the global experience.

If you want to register you can do it directly from the game’s official page, so beg they choose you.

So far the picture looks good for this title, but we will see how it works once it is released to the public.


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