New Zealand allowed production to be stopped due to a coronavirus outbreak. This paved the way for the shooting of the Avatar 2 and The Lord of the Rings series to continue.

Covid-19 Health and Safety Norms and Protocol, prepared by the New Zealand Film Industry in relation to which health conditions the film productions can continue during the coronavirus epidemic, was approved by the government agency affiliated to WorkSafe. The protocol text was prepared by the team at ScreenSafe, funded by the New Zealand Film Commission and comprised of movie industry experts. The protocol can be accessed online on the ScreenSafe website.

The New Zealand Film Commission will need to register on the ScreenSafe portal for every production within the country to help the Ministry of Health for surveillance and to help WorkSafe monitor.

A total of 1139 cases and 21 deaths have been reported so far in New Zealand, where restrictions began to stretch over the past few weeks. Annabelle Sheehan, CEO of the New Zealand Film Commission, said: “Since the break in the industry, the committee’s focus and commitment has been the health, safety and sustainability of everyone working in this industry. We are very grateful for the collaboration and labor for the preparation of this protocol very quickly. ”

Shooting of Avatar 2 and The Lord of the Rings Series May Continue
As a result of the approved protocol, the ground has been prepared for the shooting of Avatar 2 and The Lord of the Ring series prepared by Amazon, directed by James Cameron, whose shooting started in the country but stopped due to the coronavirus epidemic.

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Since the shooting of the Avatar 2 movie was stopped, director James Cameron and producer Jon Landau have been in California to work on the visual effects of the movie with the digital visual effects company Weta Digital.

An image was shared by James Cameron from Avatar’s official Twitter account, where the players in the pool set the directions. However, as the location and time of the photos are uncertain, it is not yet known whether the players and the team returned to New Zealand for shooting.

Avatar 2, whose preparations for the sequel after the first movie of the series published in 2009, started in 2017, is expected to be released on December 17, 2021. While the series is expected to consist of 5 films, the third movie is planned to be released in December 2023, the fourth movie in December 2025 and the 5th movie in December 2027.

Shooting of Amazon’s astronomical budget The Lord of the Rings series was also stopped due to the epidemic, and all production crew and actors were sent home in mid-March. Filming the first two episodes of the series, director J.A. It was made by Boyana. After the first two episodes of the series, it was planned to go together for 4-5 months. There is no planning at the moment for the production to continue.


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