With the new update to Windows 10, News and Interests feature is coming to the taskbar.After a month’s hiatus, Microsoft has finally started testing new features for Windows 10.

With Windows 10 21H2 Build 21286, Microsoft is introducing a new feature called “News and Interests” to the taskbar, which means you can start reading news headlines in just a few clicks soon.

The company is preparing to offer the feature where you can quickly access news from all over the world from the taskbar. We will be able to quickly find out the current weather, instant news updates, live sports broadcasts and the latest events in two clicks without the hassle of opening any different apps.

The “News and Interests” feature is a news feed system that is built on Windows Search and Cortana, and is expected to offer personalized content for each user. This feature is accessible when you hover over the weather icon on the taskbar. At the same time, this system is enabled by default in Windows 10. Also, since it is built into the Windows operating system, it is not possible to completely uninstall or disable it.

When you hover over the weather icon on the taskbar, you can examine the dynamically shaped news content and daily weather report. If you only want to access the news stream, you have the opportunity to create a separate icon and benefit from this feature again. As seen in the images, each type of content is categorized as boxes. It seems that simplicity and simple use have been adopted as a design.

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Microsoft states that the News and Interests news feed system can be easily used to display headlines on popular topics such as sports, weather, entertainment, politics and more. If you do not like the existing content, you can easily set the types of content you want displayed. In addition, artificial intelligence also tries to highlight the news similar to the news you are interested in.

There is no clear date on when this update will arrive, but if it passes certain quality standards, it is likely to be sent to everyone via a monthly mandatory batch update or new feature experience package.

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